If You Get Divorced or Legally Separated

If you get divorced or legally separated.

Your former spouse is no longer eligible for Medical,  Dental,  and Vision insurance through AAA.

You should decide who will cover your dependent children.

If you are continuing coverage for your dependent children, you don’t have to do anything. They will continue to be covered under AAAs plan.

    You must advise AAA and remove your former spouse from Medical,  Dental,  or Vision insurance within 30 days of legal separation or divorce.

    You may enroll yourself and/or your dependent children in AAAs Medical, Dental, and Vision plans if you or your dependents lose coverage as a result of the legal separation or divorce.

    Coverage for your former spouse also ends for:

    Your former spouse may convert their coverage to individual policies within 30 days of loss of eligibility. 

    If your former spouse will cover your dependents, you may cancel your dependent’s coverage within 30 days of the legal separation or divorce.

    You may also want to consider changing your beneficiary designation for :

    Life Insurance

    Accidental Death & Dismemberment

     To change your beneficiary designation, log into Ultipro. Click Personal from the home page and click contacts.

    Note: A Qualified domestic relations Order(QDRO) or Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO) may require you to cover your dependent children, in which case you should continue their coverage.

    Contact Wells Fargo at 800-728-3123 if you want to change your beneficiary designation on your AAA Retirement Plan

    You may also enroll in, cancel or make changes to the amounts you contribute to your:

    To add or change dependents:

    Log into Ultipro. Select Personal on the Home Page, then select Contacts and ADD. Input your dependent information and check the dependent and/or beneficiary box.

    Once you have edited and saved your dependent information, you can then make changes to your insurance plans by selecting Change My Benefits on the Home Page.

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