Group Accident Insurance

Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones Against Unforeseen Costs Of An Accident

Accident insurance will provide you with a way to strengthen financial security. An accident could easily leave you financially strained. While it’s common to feel that health plans and disability insurance have you safely covered for accidents, there can be significant gaps in their protection. Accident Insurance provides a lump sum benefit based on the type of injury (or covered incident) you sustain or the type of treatment you need. Review full plan information below.

Contact Information

Carrier: Unum Group


Phone: 1-(800)-635-5597

Eligibility: All full-time team members (>30 hours)

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Ruptured disc$800
Dental work, emergency
Eye Injury$300
Emergency and Hospitalization benefitsBenefit Amount
Ambulance (ground, once per accident)1$400
Air ambulance$1,500
Emergency room treatment$150
Treatment and other services
Physician follow-up visit (up to 2 per accident)Benefit Amount
Primary care physician$75
Urgent Care Facility$75
Therapy services (up to 10 per accident)Benefit Amount
Occupational therapy$25
Speech therapy$25
Physical therapy$25


See SPD, SBC, brochures, flyers and/or policy contract for full detail. Final rates can fluctuate a few cents on your paycheck. The benefit highlights and summaries are not an official outline of coverage.

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