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Specified Disease insurance is designed to help team members offset the financial effects of a catastrophic illness with a lump sum benefit if an insured is diagnosed with a covered specified disease. The Specified Disease benefit is based on the amount of coverage in effect on the date of diagnosis of a specified disease or the date treatment is received according to the terms and provisions of the policy.

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Carrier: Unum Group


Phone: 1-(800)-635-5597

Eligibility: All full-time team members (>30 hours)

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Benefit: $10,000 (Team Member), $5,000 (Spouse), Plus $75 Wellness

Category 1Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery125%100%
Category 1Heart Attack100%100%
Category 1Stroke2100%100%
Category 2Benign Brain Tumor100%100%
Category 2End Stage Renal (Kidney) Failure100%100%
Category 2Major Organ Failure3100%100%
Category 2Blindness100%100%
Category 3Coma4100%100%
Category 3Occupational HIV5100%100%
Category 3Permanent Paralysis6100%100%
Cancer ConditionsCarcinoma in Situ725%100%
Cancer ConditionsCancer100%100%



1 Payout of the coronary artery bypass surgery benefit reduces the remaining payout for the category 1.  2 Evidence of persistent neurological deficits confirmed by a neurologist at least 30 days after the event. 3 Diagnosis of major organ failure of the heart, lungs, liver or pancreas resulting in the insured being placed on the United Network for Organ Sharing list for a transplant. 4 Coma resulting from severe traumatic brain injury lasting for a period of 14 or more consecutive days. 5 Diagnosis of the human immunodeficiency virus resulting from a covered accident which exposed the insured to HIV- contaminated body fluids. 6 Complete and permanent loss of the use of two or more limbs for continuous 90 days as a result of a covered accident. 7 Payout of the carcinoma in situ benefit reduces the remaining payout for the diagnosis of cancer.

See SPD, SBC, brochures, flyers and/or policy contract for full detail. Final rates can fluctuate a few cents on your paycheck. The benefit highlights and summaries are not an official outline of coverage.

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