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We are committed to empowering people to live healthier lives and one of the most valuable benefits of AAA employment is Health Insurance. AAA offers you and your family coverage that keeps quality healthcare affordable. You can choose between a number of plans. As a new team member there are some decisions you will need to make that could impact your financial security. For a comprehensive look at your health insurance please view the information below.

We offer a variety of health plans that include in and out of network benefits. In-network providers are less expensive than out of network providers. The following chart is only a brief outline of the plans. More detailed plan information can be found below in the Summary Plan Description.

Please Note:  Our plan contains a Spousal Clause. If your spouse is working and their employer offers health insurance, they are to enroll into their employer offered insurance first. They have the option to enroll in AAA’s benefit plan but it will serve as a secondary insurance.

Contact Information

Carrier: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Website: bluecrossnc.com

Phone: 1-877-275-9787

Eligibility: All Full-Time team members (>30 Hours)

Our Plan Network:  Blue Options

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Fins Team Members

Lifetime MaximumUnlimitedUnlimited
Calendar Year Deductible Individual$6,550$13,100
Calendar Year Deductible Family$13,100$26,200
Out of Pocket Maximum Individual$6,550$14,350
Out of Pocket Maximum Family$13,100$29,950
Emergency Room100% after deductible70% after deductible
Inpatient Hospital Services100% after deductible70% after deductible
Outpatient Facility Services100% after deductible70% after deductible
PCP Office Visits100% after deductible70% after deductible
Specialist Office Visits100% after deductible70% after deductible
Urgent Care Visits100% after deductible100% after deductible
Routine Preventive Care100%70% after deductible
Colonoscopies and Mammograms100%70% after deductible
Mental Health/Substance Abuse Inpatient or Outpatient100% after deductible70% after deductible
Prescription Drugs Retail (30day supply)
Tier 1100% after deductibleNot covered
Tier 2100% after deductibleNot covered
Tier 3100% after deductibleNot covered
Tier 4100% after deductible Limited to 30 daysNot covered
Tier 5100% after deductible Limited to 30 daysNot covered
Tier 6
Prescription Drugs Mail Order (90 day supply)100% after deductibleNot covered
Tier 1100% after deductibleNot covered
Tier 2100% after deductibleNot covered
Tier 3100% after deductibleNot covered
Tier 4100% after deductibleNot covered
Tier 5100% after deductibleNot covered
Tier 6100% after deductibleNot covered
Preventive over-the-counter Medications and PRESCRIPTION contraceptive drugs and devices as listed at .bcbsnc.com/preventitiveNo ChargeNot covered

All Other Team Members

In Network Coverage

Lifetime BenefitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Calendar Year Deductible Individual$1,750$1,000$750
Calendar Year Deductible Family$3,500$2,000$1,500
Out of Pocket Maximum Individual$5,000$3,500$2,500
Out of Pocket Maximum Family$10,000$7,000$5,000
Benefit Percentages70% after deductible80% after deductible85% after deductible
Emergency Room70% after deductible$200 copay first visit; $300 copay all subsequent visits$150 copay first visit; $300 copay all subsequent visits
Primary Office Visits70% after deductible$30 copay$25 copay
Specialist Office Visits70% after deductible$50 copay$25 copay
Urgent Care70% after deductible$50 copay$50 copay
Physical Therapy70% after deductible$30 copay$50 copay
Chiropractic70% after deductible$30 copay$25 copay
Surgery Other Than Office70% after deductible80% after deductible$25 copay
Preventive Care Screenings100% no copay100% no copay100% no copay

Prescription Drug Coverage

Generic70% after deductible$10 copay$10 copay
Preferred Brand70% after deductible30% up to $5030% up to $50
Non-Preferred Brand70% after deductible50% up to $11050% up to $110
Specialty Pharmacy70% after deductible$100 copay$100 copay
MAIL ORDER (90 day supply)
Generic70% after deductible$20 copay$20 copay
Preferred Brand70% after deductible30%; $100 max30%; $80 max
Non-Preferred Brand70% after deductible50%; $220 max50%; $100 max
Specialty Pharmacy70% after deductible$200 copay$200 copay

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Team members have access to Flexible Spending Accounts that allow deduction of expenses you may incur in Health or Dependent Care.

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