Retirement Benefits (401k)


Automatic Enrollment

Our 401(k) plan offers convenient automatic enrollment which means you will be automatically enrolled in the plan on the first of the month following your first 30 days. You will be enrolled at a contribution rate of 6% of your salary and your contributions will be invested in the following: 6% in Target Date Funds based on your current age and a retirement age of 65. All team members will have the opportunity to Opt-Out of automatic enrollment when they receive a new hire kit from Wells Fargo.

Contact Information

Provider: Wells Fargo 


Phone: 800-728-3123

Eligibility: All full-time & part-time team members age 21+

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Company Match

AAA Carolinas offers a company match equal to 50¢ on every dollar the team member contributes equivalent to the first 6% of their annual salary for all matching contributions prior to 1/1/2019.

After 1/1/2019 AAA Carolinas company match contributions will be equal to 100% on first 1% and 50% after 1% and up to 6% of annual salary contributed by each team member.

Accessing Your Retirement Account

After your eligibility date (the first of the month following your first 30 days) you can begin accessing your Retirement Account.  When you access your account for the first time, you will need some basic information see below:

Wells Fargo Retirement Plan Website:

If you have any kind of bank account with Wells Fargo already, follow these instructions:

If you have any Wells Fargo banking accounts; then you are an existing customer and if you have already registered on the main site, you can simply access by using your bank account USERNAME and PASSWORD. Upon successful log-in, your 401(k) will be linked at the bottom of the main page. From there, you can click on the retirement plan name to access your 401(k). If you have any problems; call this number for assistance with access and linking all the accounts together: 1-800-956-4442.

If you have no bank accounts with Wells Fargo follow these instructions:

If you have NO Wells Fargo retail/bank accounts or have never registered; then select Investing & Retirement Employer 401(k) Sign-in and enter the required information, and select the I have No Account Number or ATM Number box. If you have problems call for assistance at:  1-800-728-3123.

Vesting Schedule

 When a team member takes a distribution from their 401(k), the company contributions are subject to the following vesting schedule:

Effective for contributions made prior to 1/1/2019

Years of ServiceTotal Vesting
1 year20%
2 years40%
3 years60%
4 years80%
5 years100%

Effective for contributions made after 1/1/2019

Years of ServiceTotal Vesting
1 year0%
2 years100%

Team members are fully vested in this match after the completion of two years of service.