Vision Insurance

Plan Information

Our carrier Superior Vision offers both in-network and out-of-network coverage.  The in-network coverage provides co-pays and larger allowances for services.  The out-of-network coverage only provides allowances for services.  Click on the important document below for a complete summary of coverage.

Contact Information

Carrier: Superior Vision Services, Inc.


Phone: 800-507-3800

Eligibility: All full-time team members (> 30 hours a week)

Our Plan Network:  National

Eye Exam (annually)100% after $10 copay
Standard Lenses (annually) Single vision Bifocal Trifocal Lenticular100% after $10 copay
Frames (every 24 months)$10 copay or $130 Allowance
Contact Lenses (annually) Medically Necessary100% after $10 copay
Contact Lenses (annually) Cosmetic/Elective StandardUp to $120
Standard Contact Fitting Fee100% after $25 copay
Specialty Contact Lens Fitting FeeUp to $50 after $25 copay
Out of network coverage also availableAllowances, see Open Enrollment portal for additional coverage

Questions about your benefits?

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